Effect of herbicide on common groundsel growth


This chart shows reduction in growth of common groundsel 60 days after potting as a result of herbicide application. Groundsel in control pots were large, while all herbicides reduced growth by about 75%. Broadstar and Rout provided the most effective control, reducing common groundsel growth by about 97%. The bar labeled 'Control' represents containers not treated with any herbicide, and thus serves as control or comparison to herbicide treatments.

The key to common groundsel control is sanitation. Because seeds are readily dispersed by wind, just a few plants surrounding the nursery can infest the entire container operation.

Common groundsel is resistant to atrazine and similar triazine herbicides. Princep (simazine) is among this group, so control may be poor when this product is used. OSU research has shown that Gallery (isoxaben) provides excellent control in container crops while Surflan (oryzalin) alone provides poor control. Research in Florida also reported excellent control with Gallery. Among granular herbicides, Snapshot and Rout provided excellent common groundsel control in both Florida and Oregon. Broadstar also provided excellent control in OSU research (not evaluated in Florida trials).

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