New OSU-MHCC partnership paves way for students to dual enroll at both schools

Mt. Hood Community College and Oregon State University will hold a celebratory signing of a partnership program that will allow students to be co-admitted to both schools starting next winter term.

Debbie Derr, MHCC president, and Edward Ray, OSU president, will sign the agreement Nov. 25, at 10:30 a.m. in the MHCC board room, 26000 S.E. Stark St. in Gresham, Ore.

“This is an exciting partnership because it opens up a world of opportunity for students at both schools,” says Derr.

The program is being piloted in fall term 2013 and will be implemented in winter term 2014. The three students in the pilot program agree that the MHCC-OSU partnership is a important arrangement to help them achieve their academic and career dreams.

  • “This program is allowing me to count all my credits toward financial aid benefits, plus expediting my studies beyond MHCC,” says David Wedge, a 59-year-old student who is working toward a career in social work. He is taking 10 online credits from OSU and a three-credit math class on the MHCC campus.
  • “I am taking classes at both schools. For at least the next three terms, it’s two online courses through OSU and one biology class at MHCC. I’m not going to sugar coat it and say it’s a piece of cake to juggle full-time school, full-time work and being a single parent to two small boys. It’s tough! But having the opportunity to pursue my bachelor’s degree is a dream I’ve had for quite some time! Communication between MHCC and OSU and myself to set up my degree partnership was easy and efficient. I would encourage any student to take advantage of the opportunities available,” says Amy DeVane, a 38-year-old environmental science major.
  • “By dual enrolling, I am able to take required classes at both MHCC and OSU (online) while my wife is attending college at MHCC,” says 27-year-old Clint Taylor, who working on a career in environmental engineering.

There are many benefits to this dual enrollment program, including:

  • A single application and application fee
  • Increased flexibility in scheduling with access to on-campus and online classes at both schools
  • Flexible class scheduling
  • Ability to work with their MHCC adviser and their OSU adviser at the same time
  • Access to libraries, computer labs and other services on both campuses
  • Eligibility to live on OSU campus

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