Bonnie Tufts of PaCS has passed away

Bonnie L. Tufts passed away on Sept. 26, 2013.

Bonnie was employed here at OSU for more than 11 years as a Procurement Analyst in the OSU Procurement and Contracts Office (PaCS).  Bonnie was a very caring, helpful, generous person, and provided great customer service here at OSU.  She enjoyed working here at OSU and developed numerous OSU working relationships.  She will be truly missed!

5 Responses to “Bonnie Tufts of PaCS has passed away”

  1. Shannon Fanourakis says:

    I will miss Bonnie so much! She personified “work ethic” and always went the extra mile to help. I will miss her wit and her stories, but her positive energy remains. Rest in Peace Miss Bonnie!!

  2. Kathy Minta says:

    I also will miss Bonnie very much! She brightened many days for me with her positive outlook, cheerful attitude, and great sense of humor. I will not forget her.

  3. Cindy Alexis says:

    Bonnie was the epitome of great customer service – helpful, knowledgable, understanding. Her sense of humor made even the most harrowing of purchases a little easier. I will miss working with you Bonnie. May your beauty shine upon us all.

  4. Cindy Newberry says:

    I was so sad when I read about Bonnie’s passing. I will really miss her.

  5. Fred Jones says:

    A great help to OSU Ship Operations, did her best to keep us out of trouble and helped us get out when we did, all with good humor.