Green building engineer loves OSU’s collaborative spirit

Oregon State University has a brand new batch of faculty this year, arriving from all corners of the globe, and bringing with them impressive resumes and an enthusiasm for their role as OSU professors. We asked some of the 80 new faces to tell us a little bit more about themselves, their work, and why they chose OSU as their new academic home.

Arijit Sinha

Assistant Professor of Wood Science and Engineering

College of Forestry

Arijit Sinha

Oregon State University is a leader in green building engineering, and Arijit Sinha is one of the latest researchers to join that effort as part of the faculty of Wood Science and Engineering. Sinha, who has a degree in civil engineering from Delhi University, completed his graduate work at OSU.

“Oregon State University is one of the leading research institutions of the Northwest and is a hotspot for fundamental as well as cutting-edge research in a multitude of disciplines,” he said. “The cross-disciplinary nature of research initiatives and willingness of faculty to think outside-the box and collaborate is what makes OSU special.”

Sinha said OSU researchers are designing new materials out of renewable materials that will help reduce the thermal load of buildings while providing environmental benefits and long-term economic gains.

“My multidisciplinary education in the fields of structural engineering and wood science at OSU helped me prepare for this field,” he said. “My education and research experience gave me insights into structural as well as material aspects of the built environment.”

Students will be an important part of his research, which he believes will give them experience that will help them join the workforce.

“I am working with two renewable materials undergraduate students to evaluate and characterize mechanical properties bamboo so that the material can be used in the industry with confidence,” he said. “Another undergraduate student is helping us manufacture a novel wood-based composite for future use in the green building industry.”

Sinha already has several projects on the horizon, including the development of a new wood-based composite material to help increase energy efficiency, and to effectively utilize small diameter timber logs in buildings. He’s also interested in the use of bamboo as a renewable structural material.

“My work in the area of green buildings is to look at the green buildings from a holistic standpoint,” Sinha said. “Sustainability, which is the driver behind green buildings, emphasizes a triple bottom-line – environmental, economic, and social. My work encompasses these three aspects.”


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