Aaron Wolf featured in new book, ‘Ecoliterate’

Professor Aaron Wolf

Oregon State University professor of geography Aaron Wolf, recognized for his work in mediating water disputes around the world, is featured in the new book, Ecoliterate, which tells stories of activists, educators, and young people from across the nation who are creatively addressing issues related to coal, oil, food, and water.

Coauthored by bestselling author Daniel Goleman and Lisa Bennett and Zenobia Barlow of the Center for Ecoliteracy, Ecoliterate describes leaders whose success lies in integrating emotional, social, and ecological intelligence.

About Wolf, the authors write: “Throughout his journey, Wolf has recognized the essential role of emotional intelligence, social intelligence, and ecological intelligence—as well as spiritual intelligence. To be sure, it is an unconventional approach for a scientist, but one Wolf has found central to a deep understanding of human behavior regarding ecological issues.”

Ecoliterate is the result of a collaboration between Goleman, author of Emotional Intelligence, and Bennett and Barlow of the Center for Ecoliteracy, a nonprofit dedicated to education for sustainable living. It calls for education that cultivates emotional, social, and ecological intelligence and shows how it can advance academic achievement; protect the natural world on which we depend; and foster strength, hope, and resiliency.

It also presents five core practices of emotionally and socially engaged ecoliteracy and a professional development guide.

To order a copy, visit http://amzn.to/O9RKEM

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