Patricia Muir given Family Friendly Faculty Award

Patricia Muir, professor of botany and plant pathology, has been given the very first Family Friendly Faculty Award, presented by the Office of Childcare and Family Resources. She was nominated for the award by students.

Professor Patricia Muir received the first Family Friendly Faculty Award. (contributed photo)

The Family Friendly Faculty Award is awarded to a faculty or staff member that has provided exemplary support to an OSU student parent; furthering the students’ success at OSU and beyond.

Support may come in the form of mentoring and encouragement as well as accommodations made in and out of the classroom to remove barriers to success and elevate the campus awareness of students with children.

Nominator Kayli Peterson said Muir was consistently understanding when family issues arose for Peterson which interfered with her class attendance.

“Overall, Professor Muir was warm, caring, and encouraging. I feel so lucky that she was my professor especially during my last trimester of pregnancy,” she said.

Amy Decker, another of Muir’s students, also praised Muir’s accessibility and understanding.

“When she gave outside activity assignments there were several options for days and times to participate in events as well as options to perform activities at home.  When I could not find care for my daughter she allowed her in the class, even taking time to comment on how well behaved and artistic she was,” Decker said.  “I could not have been happier or more successful without her!”

Several other OSU faculty members received honorable mentions for their family friendly approach to teaching. Those faculty members include Beverly Law, Melissa Cheyney and Megan McClelland.

~ Theresa Hogue

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