Calendar imagines a future without sexism

Nahed Al Shareif and Fatimah Almousawi appear in this year's Calendar of Hope. (photo: Tina Buescher)

It’s time to replace the 2010 calendar with something that will see you through another year. It’s the perfect time to invest in the new Oregon State University Women’s Center 18-month calendar, which features dozens of OSU community members and the proceeds of which support anti-sexism education through the Women’s Center.

Two years ago, the Women’s Center produced a popular “Calendar of Hope,” which asked participants to complete the phrase, “When Violence Against Women and Children Ends… I will…” This year, the calendar asks models, all connected with OSU, to describe a world in which sexism has ended.

Photographer Tina Buescher captured the spirit of each model in black and white. Participants included students, staff and faculty, all dreaming of a world without sexism.

“When sexism ends…women will have the chance to control their own destinies,” said Nahed Al Shareif and Fatimah Almousawi.

“When sexism ends… we will understand how to love each other,” Craig Bidiman said.

Norma Cardenas and her daughter Maya are also featured in the calendar.

“When sexism ends,” said Mamta and Saaya Accapadi, “the sky will no longer be the limit.”

Models include: Diane Davis, Craig Bidiman, Keisha Merchant, Barb Lachenbruch, Jessica Calhoun, Virginia Martin, Christian Mathies, Kate Sanders, Amanda Littke, Kryn Freehling-Burton, Ellen Momsen, Tonga Hopoi, Norma Cardenas, Fatimah Almousawi, Nahed Al Shareif, Gustavo Martinez-Padilla, Todd Simmons, Rebecca Chavez, Gita Ramaswamy, Mamta Accapadi, Courtney Strohmeyer, Beth Rietveld and the Women’s Center staff.

18-month Calendars are available at the OSU Women’s Center. Cost is $15. Checks should be payable to the “OSU Foundation.”

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