Bollywood moves

Neha Neelwarne, FSF instructor, prepares dancers for India Night this spring. (photo: Theresa Hogue)

Oregon State University’s Faculty/Staff Fitness program offers classes ranging from aerobics to therapeutic yoga and everything in between, and gives faculty and staff the chance to fit affordable exercise classes into their work schedules. But one particular class has taken FSF out of the classroom and into the community.

Neha Neelwarne, a new instructor to FSF who won an award for her work with the program this Spring, teaches a popular Bollywood aerobic dance class, and has taken some of her students to perform Bollywood numbers in several locations this year. In addition to performing at India Night on campus, her class performed at the annual FSF picnic, and just last week, was invited to give a performance to children at the Toy Factory in downtown Corvallis.

Below are videos of the two dances Neelwarne and several of her students performed, all choreographed by her. To find out more about FSF see:

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