Dairy industry honors Goddick

The American Dairy Science Association has announced that Lisbeth Goddik is the 2009 recipient of the Milk Industry Foundation Teaching Award in Dairy Manufacturing. She was presented the award in July at the ADSA Annual Meeting in Montreal, Canada.

Lizbeth Goddick

Lisbeth Goddick

As an OSU Extension dairy processing specialist, Goddik is helping to nurture the growth of a bustling new artisan cheese industry in Oregon. The number of small-scale specialty cheese makers has grown statewide from two to 20 over the last few years. And because the new pilot plant at OSU uses industry-standard equipment, Goddik’s teaching and research are calibrated to the needs of this new industry.

The award recognizing outstanding teaching of undergraduate students in dairy foods. Goddik recently changed her teaching approach, and no longer gives class lectures. Instead, students study prior to class and ask questions. Classroom contact time is used for discussion, group projects and analysis of case studies.

After a trip to France, Goddik came back to Oregon brimming with new ideas for the pilot plant, including the adaption of a French technique to extend the shelf life of Oregon brie and camembert cheeses. Goddik hopes to secure additional funding to boost the pilot plant’s cheese-making capacity to 1,500 pounds per day and add an applied business center where students would learn the retail end of the industry. She envisions someday having a cheese plant located at the OSU Dairy Farm where students would produce and market their own OSU specialty cheese.

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