A new (cyber) page for LIFE@OSU

Starting in September, LIFE@OSU is going to switch to an on-line only publication at http://oregonstate.edu/dept/ncs/lifeatosu/

We’ve decided to move away from print for a couple of important reasons.

LIFE@OSU Editor Theresa Hogue

LIFE@OSU Editor Theresa Hogue

First, color printing is expensive, and during these belt-tightening times, it made sense to reduce the cost of putting LIFE together by streamlining it into an on-line product.

Secondly, we’ve heard concerns from some readers that printing so many copies of LIFE was less than environmentally friendly, as many copies ended up in the recycling bin before folks got to read them.

But most of all, turning LIFE into an on-line only publication gives us a greater ability to produce even more content for the OSU campus. Instead of being restrained by what can fit on eight printed pages and confined by a twice-monthly deadline, we’ll now be able to bring you more stories about the people and events at Oregon State University on a more regular basis.

Our LIFE@OSU Web site allows us to bring you multi-layered stories that can feature audio interviews, videos, photo galleries and more. Starting this September we’ll be bringing you a campus fashion section featuring stylish students, staff and faculty. We’ll be introducing you to blogs written by campus community members. And we’ll be looking at exciting projects being done by OSU faculty and students, as well as featuring stories on organizations that have a long history with the university.

LIFE@OSU is intended to be the staff and faculty newsletter on campus. We want to continue to fulfill that mission in our new format, and we need your help.

If you have an organization you’d like to highlight, know a particular character whose story needs to be told, or have something else you think the campus community should know about, then contact us at lifeatosu@oregonstate.edu

Remember to bookmark our Web site at http://oregonstate.edu/dept/ncs/lifeatosu/ and keep checking back for new stories, or better yet, subscribe to our RSS feed (instructions are on the Web site) so you’ll be updated whenever a new piece appears on-line.

~ Theresa Hogue

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