International directors commute 43 miles by bicycle from Eugene

Valerie Rosenberg and Paul Primak,

Valerie Rosenberg and Paul Primak after they completed their almost-three-hour commute from Eugene to Snell Hall. (photo: Jackie Bangs)

Some people read “Bike Commute Challenge” and merely dust off their three-speed Schwinns to pedal into work.  Valerie Rosenberg and Paul Primak take the challenge to the max, riding 43 miles from Eugene to their offices in Snell Hall.

“It was kind of a lark,” said Primak, director of OUS International Programs and a long-time resident of Eugene. “I saw the announcement, Val had just moved to Eugene, the thought came to me, and she said ‘yes’.”

Averaging about 16 miles an hour on bikes that are “nothing fancy,” Rosenberg and Primak made the journey in 2 hours, 41 minutes.

“Not much time for conversation,” Primak said. “Val rides at a fast pace. I was trying to keep up.”

For Rosenberg, director of International Student and Faculty Services, the commute was her first since moving from Corvallis to Eugene in July. The pair often rides together with their spouses, this summer to Paulina Lake southeast of Bend.

Long (to most of us) commutes are not foreign to Primak, who periodically will ride to Corvallis on a Saturday, shower at Dixon Recreation Center, work a half-day, and then bike home. “But not when the rains come,” he said.

For more information about the Bike Commute Challenge, pedal your browser to Bike Commute Challenge!

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