Agricultural Experiment Station

1997 Annual Report Articles

1997 Weather Report, Ontario, OR
Asparagus Variety Performance
Corn and Field Corn
Evaluations of Supersweet Corn and Sweet Corn Varieties
Nitrogen Value of Potato and Onion Sludge for Corn Production
Onion Harvesting Methods Evaluation
Irrigation Management for Drip-Irrigated Onions
Poplars and Alternate Crops
Irrigation Management for Hybrid Poplar Production, 1997-1998
'Hicksii' Yews as a Sustainable Source of Anticancer Compounds
Potato Variety Trials at Ontario, 1997
Umatilla Russet Potatoes Compared with Russet Burbank and Shepody
Sugar Beets
Sugarbeet Variety Trial Results for 1997
Water Quality, Irrigation, and Nitrogen Management
Instrumentation for Soil Moisture Determination
Improved Nitrogen and Irrigation Efficiency for Wheat
Implementation of Lower Nitrogen Fertilizer Inputs
Nitrogen Mineralization From Potato Sludge and Onion Sludge

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