Woody Plant Identification System



The plant identification system allows you to identify an unknown woody plant using a list of features. Click the appropriate link below for the kind of plant you are attempting to identify. The identification is limited to the more than 900 woody plants in the Oregon State Univ. Landscape Plants website.

Woody broadleaf plant

Pertaining to plants having broad or relatively broad leaves, rather than needle-like leaves, such as apple, ash, elm, maple, oak and rhododendron. A few in this category have very narrow leaves (e.g., rosemary grevillea).

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Woody conifer plant

Under Construction
Any of various mostly needle-leaved or scale-leaved, chiefly evergreen, cone-bearing (or similar) gymnosperm trees or shrubs such as arborvitae, cedar, cypress, juniper, fir, pine, spruce and yew.

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