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Buddleia davidii  (syn. Buddleja davidii)                    Scrophulariaceae

Butterfly Bush                bud-LEE-a da-VID-e-i

Invasive Buddleia
         T. Anisko and U. Im published an article entitled, Beware of Butterfly Bush, [Amer. Nurseryman 194(2):46-49, July 15, 2001].  In it they point out the weed capabilities of B. davidii, recalling that it was introduced into Great Britain at the end of the 19th century, and by the middle of the 20th century it had thoroughly naturalized the wastelands of southern England.  Now it is listed among the top 20 invasive weeds in England.  Anisko and Im studied seed production of a number of Buddleia taxa at Longwood Gardens in southern Pennsylvania.  They found large differences in the amount of viable seed produced by B. davidii selections. For example, culitvars 'Summer Rose' and 'Orchid Beauty' produced 20 times fewer viable seeds than 'Potter's Purple' and 'Border Beauty'.  A single flower cluster of 'Potter's Purple' was found to produce over 40,000 seeds.  Some Buddleia species and hybrids produced fewer viable seeds than B. davidii and likely have lower potential for escaping gardens and colonizing natural areas.  The authors encouraged gardeners to deadhead or prune plants in the fall to eliminate the chance of seed dispersal, they are aware, however, that this could increase the risk of cold injury to the plants.