OSU Gardening News Releases

11.11.11 - How to successfully replant riparian areas

11.11.11 - Purple-leaf grape vine shows off its color in the fall

11.18.11 - Shred autumn leaves for compost piles and garden beds

11.23.11 - Make natural holiday decorations from plants in your garden

12.2.11 - Oregonians have many choices for Christmas trees

12.2.11 - How to keep your Christmas tree fresh

12.9.11 - Gift suggestions for the gardener in your life

12.30.11 - A dead tree or shrub?  Learn from a post-mortem analysis

1.13.12 - Drought-tolerant native evergreens give year-round interest

1.20.12 - The subtle beauty of bark helps trees survive the winter

1.25.12 - OSU plays key role in development of new USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map

1.27.12 - Purple tomato debuts as 'Indigo Rose'

2.3.12 - How to train and prune your home orchard

2.10.12 - It's time for spring cleaning in the garden

2.17.12 - How to make your own potting soil

2.24.12 - Spring is a good time to fertilize young trees and shrubs

3.2.12 - Think like a plant when measuring soil pH

3.9.12 - Publication explains to stop the spread of Sudden Oak Death

3.16.12 - Prune to keep ornamental shrubs healthy

3.23.12 - Plant bulbs this spring and summer for all-year color

3.30.12 - Asparagus rewards patience

4.6.12 - OSU recommends colorful potatoes for home gardens

4.13.12 - Fragrant sweet peas please the gardener more than the bee

4.20.12 - Guidebook identifies good bugs and the bad bugs they love to eat

4.27.12 - How to troubleshoot problems with carrots and cabbages

5.4.12 - Oregon tree names keep people guessing

5.11.12 - Updated guides help manage plant diseases, weeds, and insects

5.18.12 - Coax tomatoes and peppers to maturity

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