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Starting a 4-H Club or Group

How to become a registered 4-H Leader:

We are always accepting new leaders into our program. The screening and training process to become a new leader takes about 4-6 weeks. Here's how it works:

  1. Decide what project areas interest you.
  2. Fill out a Volunteer Service Application and return it to the Extension Office. Make sure that the addresses given for your reference are complete and correct; incorrect contact information often delays reference requests.
  3. Complete a required background check that is included with the Volunteer Service Application. Contact the Extension Office with any questions.
  4. Attend a New Leader Training. Watch the Calendar or contact the Extension Office for the scheduled training dates.
  5. Schedule a New Leader Interview with the County Extension Agent.
  6. Receive an official acceptance letter from the County Extension Office with the official enrollment packet.
  7. Fill out and return the packet with the $10 fee.
  8. Start working with your club!!
  9. Remember to register with the Extension Office as a 4-H Leader every year.

How do I register as a returning 4-H Leader?

It's simple!!

  1. Fill out the 4-H Adult Volunteer Reenrollment Forms.
  2. Return these forms with the $10 fee to the Extension Office.

If you don't know all information the forms ask for or have any questions, call the Extension Office at 883-7131.


4-H Leaders' Group Meetings Monthly Meetings:

Board of Directors only meetings are held at the Klamath County OSU Extension Office, 6923 Washburn Way, Klamath Falls  

  • Board of Directors: Monthly, 2nd Monday, 6:00 p.m.
  • Division Superintendents: 2nd Monday of every other month, 6:30 p.m (Sept., Nov., Jan., Mar., May, July)
  • All Leaders:  All leader meeting happen according the below schedule every other month at 7PM at the Henley H.S. Cafeteria (Sept., Nov., Jan., Mar., May, July).

All other Leader Groups meet as necessary. Contact the Extension Office at 541-883-7131 for more information.

See the Klamath County 4-H 17-18 Meeting Schedule

Can parents be a leader?

Parents can also be 4-H leaders, this is not new; but many parents do not take advantage of this opportunity, or don’t feel comfortable with the role, or for whatever reason they just choose not to.  However, as we make a fresh start we would just like to remind everybody that this can take some of the burden off of the main club leaders and help keep more parents in the loop if they want to complete the process of becoming a 4-H volunteer.  The cost to enroll as a leader is still only $1 ($2 for horse project leaders) which covers the accident insurance premium.  More people will be given the chance to get more information from our office. 

Helpful Forms

Intent to Conduct Fundraisers

4-H/FFA Dual Enrollment

Klamath County 4-H Association Reimbursement Form

Klamath County 4-H Cash Receivable Form

Leader Resources

Planning and Conducting 4-H Club Meetings

Leadership and Teaching Techniques

Framing 4-H for Families

Opportunities for 4-H Leaders

Writing Blue Ribbon Thank You Letters!

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