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As a cornerstone of OSU's student diversity efforts, Intercultural Student Services is committed to the overall development of under-served students. We create and advocate for inclusive and educationally purposeful initiatives that enhance deep learning, academic success, cross-cultural fluency and self-efficacy by fostering a climate that supports social equality, community engagement, and global membership.



The Office of Intercultural Student Services will be a national model as a responsive, progressive, scholarly and socially just community that is known for its accomplished record of developing leaders and scholars from diverse backgrounds through community and academic engagement.

Our work is grounded in ideals of diversity, social justice and equity. We will thus be following these values:

  • RESPECT: We treat others with civility, dignity, and appreciation.
  • COLLABORATION: We honor a shared sense of purpose, trust, communication and active leadership.
  • HONOR: We stand for civility, dignity, trustworthiness and fairness.  We believe that what we demonstrate to others reflects our character.
  • INTEGRITY: We practice honesty, freedom, truth, and ethical role modeling for our students in all that we do.
  • COMPASSION: We demonstrate empathy and foster personal growth within an environment in which every individual matters.

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Intercultural Student Services
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