An annual retreat will bring distant and local investigators, students, and mentors together to discuss results and plan future work.


Subsurface Biosphere Initiative and IGERT Workshop June 15-17, 2008 Newport, Oregon Sunday Evening, June 15 7:15 Lew Semprini, SBI Executive Committee Chair Introductory talk about SBI and Workshop 7:30 Keynote Speaker: Eric Triplett, Professor and Chair, Department of Microbiology and Cell Science, University of Florida Some Grand Challenges for the Future of Soil Microbial Ecology 8:30 Campfire Social Monday Morning, June 16 8:00 Jennifer Pett-Ridge, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Visualizing Single Cell Biogeochemistry: NanoSIMS Studies of Microbial Ecology 9:00 Laurel Kluber, Oregon State University IGERT Student Do Mats Matter: The Role of Ectomycorrhizal Mats in Structuring Microbial Communities in Old-Growth Forest Soils 9:30 Break 10:00 Radu Popa, Portland State University Nitrogen Bio-Cycling in Astrobiology and Early Life Evolution 10:45 Break for lunch Monday Afternoon, June 17 1:00 Dave Myrold: Update from the IGERT Director 1:15 Maria Dragila, Oregon State University Movement of Micro-Bodies in Porous Media: Micromodel Visualization Experiments 2:00 Hollie Oakes-Miller, Portland State University IGERT Student Streamer Forming Microbial Communities and Biosignature Preservation in Phototrophic Streamer Mats from a Silica Depositing Hot Spring, Queens Laundry, Yellowstone National Park 2:30 Break 2:45 2008 IGERT Group Process Training Students Gilberto E. Flores, Dannie Jansik, Humberto Nation, Ellen Swogger and Rick Colwell Interdisciplinary Science and the Subsurface Biosphere: Future Directions 4:00 Free Time and Dinner Break Monday Evening, June 18 7:00 Student Power Point Poster Presentations and Open Bar Tuesday Morning, June 19 8:00 Harry Beller, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Genome-Enabled Studies of Uranium Biogeochemistry: New Insights into Anaerobic U(IV) Oxidation 9:00 Sean Sandborgh, Oregon State University IGERT Student Physiological and Transcriptional Response of Nitrosomonas europaea to Inhibition by Chlorobenzene 9:30 Break 10:00 Tyler Radniecki, Oregon State University Inhibition of Nitrifying Bacteria by Heavy Metals; Physiological and Transcriptional Responses upon Exposure to Cu2+, Zn2+ and Cd2+ 10:30 Jim Laidler, Portland State University IGERT Student Silicification of Viruses in a Simulated Hydrothermal Environment (“Virus under Glass”) 11:00 Other business 12:00 Checkout

IGERT students will also participate at a national or international symposium or workshop.

Graduate education and career development will be enhanced with special Earth's Subsurface Biosphere sessions to be held in conjunction with international meetings. Suitable venues for these special sessions are the International Symposium for Subsurface Microbiology, the American Society of Microbiology, or the American Geophysical Union (which has a new and rapidly growing Biogeosciences Section).

The symposia are planned for the middle of the third year and the end of the fifth year of the program and will allow students opportunities to present their research and to make contacts with scientists outside the IGERT program.