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Clues to progress lie in nature of discourse | The Center for the ...
A Research Fellow and OSU professor of speech communication, Walker is
devoting his fellowship to a study of “Dominant Discourses of Climate Change: ...
http://oregonstate.edu/dept/humanities/clues-progress-lie-nature-discourse - 30k
Investigating the Passions of Persuasion | The Center for the ...
A Research Fellow, rhetoric faculty member, and Director of Writing in OSU's
School of Writing, Literature, and Film, Jensen is devoting his fellowship to
working ...
http://oregonstate.edu/dept/humanities/investigating-passions-persuasion - 30k
Shakespeare at sea--cultural 'supercargo' | The Center for the ...
... eventually became a major tool in the cultural work of colonization,” said
Richmond Barbour, a Research Fellow and associate professor of English at
http://oregonstate.edu/dept/humanities/shakespeare-sea-cultural-039supercargo039 - 29k
Debate over consciousness goes back centuries | The Center for the ...
... in the debate between materialists and dualists, in the eighteenth century,” said
William Uzgalis, a Research Fellow and professor of philosophy at OSU.
http://oregonstate.edu/dept/humanities/debate-over-consciousness-goes-back-centuries - 30k
Stalin's book, 'sacred' to Mao, provided short cut to uniformity | The ...
A Research Fellow and assistant professor of political science at OSU, Li is
working on her second book Stalinism and the Ideological Transformation of
China, ...
http://oregonstate.edu/dept/humanities/stalin039s-book-039sacred039-mao-provided-short-cut-uniformity - 30k
Pragmatism with Schiller more honest & useful | The Center for the ...
... pragmatism to his peers,” said Mark Porrovecchio, a Center Research Fellow,
forensics director, and assistant professor of speech communication at OSU.
http://oregonstate.edu/dept/humanities/pragmatism-schiller-more-honest-amp-useful - 31k
'The money question' was hot 200 years ago | The Center for the ...
... the public mind—though still not with the kind of suspicion that prevailed
among the citizenry two centuries ago, says OSU historian Jeffrey Sklansky.
http://oregonstate.edu/dept/humanities/039the-money-question039-was-hot-200-years-ago - 31k
Chaucer invented 'womanhood' to fill language gap | The Center for ...
“As a result, a gap developed between social reality and extant vocabulary,” said
Tara Williams, a Research Fellow and assistant professor of English at OSU.
http://oregonstate.edu/dept/humanities/chaucer-invented-039womanhood039-fill-language-gap - 29k
'Unfree' in early California, A different view of Reconstruction | The ...
... unfreedom persisted in the face of a free constitution that prohibited slavery,”
said Smith, a Center Research Fellow and assistant professor of history at OSU.
http://oregonstate.edu/dept/humanities/039unfree039-early-california-different-view-reconstruction - 32k
The Plight of a Warrior in Changing Times | The Center for the ...
Michael A. Osborne is Professor of the History of Science in OSU's School of
History, Philosophy, and Religion, and a 2016-17 Center for the Humanities ...
http://oregonstate.edu/dept/humanities/plight-warrior-changing-times - 31k
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