Faculty & Staff

Peggy Carr - Professional Faculty, Experiment Station Administrative Assistant

Robert Cating - Plant Pathology Lab Diagnostician, Faculty Research Assistant

George Clough - Emeritus Associate Professor, Horticulture/Olericulture

Sandy DeBano - Associate Professor, Invertebrate Ecology

Kenneth Frost - Assistant Professor, Extension Plant Pathologist

Aymeric Goyer - Assistant Professor Senior Research, Plant Biochemistry and Metabolism

Philip Hamm -  Professor Emeritus, Plant Pathology and Station Director

Don Horneck - Professor, Extension Agronomist (1958-2014)

Mat Kolding - Emeritus, Cereals Specialist

Tianxiao (Stan) Li - Faculty Research Assistant, Potato Breeding and Genetics

Philip Rogers - Bio Science Research Tech II

Silvia Rondon - Associate Professor, Extension Entomologist

Vidyasagar (Sagar) Sathuvalli – Assistant Professor, Potato Breeding and Genetics

Ira Thompson - Bio Science Research Tech III, Entomology

Annette Teraberry - Extension Administrative Assistant

David Wooster - Associate Professor, Aquatic Entomologist

Tim Weinke - Professional Faculty, Farm Operations Manager

Postdoctoral Scholar

Josephine Antwi - Postdoctoral Scholar, Entomology

Navneet Kaur - Postdoctoral Scholar, Plant Pathology

Sudeep Bag - Postdoctoral Scholar, Entomology and Plant Pathology

Graduate Students

Hannah Clark - Graduate Student, Aquatic Entomology

Matthew Klein - Graduate Student, Entomology

Sarah Light - Graduate Student, Agronomy & Plant Pathology

Lauren Smith - Graduate Student, Invertebrate Ecology

Bruce Reid Robinson II - Graduate Student, Plant Biochemistry



Summer 2014