2012 Potato Field Day Resources


What we have found from Zebra Chip field surveys. - Phil Hamm, OSU

Volunteer Potato Plants Infected with Liberebacter 2012 - Phil Hamm, OSU

Seed Borne ZC …what is going on in screen house plantings. - Jordan Eggers, OSU

Potato psyllid update in the lower Columbia Basin and From winter to summer: Should we expect record insect outbreaks? - Alex Murphy and Silvia Rondon, OSU

Update of Syngenta product registrations, Agri-Mek Zebra Chip management programTech Recommendation and Fulfill in potatoes late season timing in a foliar Zebra Chip management programTech Recommendation . - Chris Clemens, Syngenta Crop Protection

Disease issues in Seed lots 2012. - Jesika Holcomb, OSU

Integrated management of PVY. - Barry Jacobsen, Montana State University

What monitoring water will tell you nitrogen, Example Graph 1 & Example Graph 2. - Gibb Evans and Gina Gray, IRZ

Phosphorus use in potatoes. - Don Horneck, OSU

PNW 633, Potato Psyllid Vector of Zebra Chip Disease in the Pacific Northwest: Biology, Ecology, and Management - Authors: Silvia Rondon, Alan Schreiber, Andrew Jensen, Philip Hamm, Joseph Munyaneza, Phillip Nolte, Nora Olsen, Erik Wenninger, Don Henne, Carrie Wohleb, and Tim Waters