Mathias "Mat" Kolding

Senior Instructor - Cereal Breeder -  Emeritus

Department of Crop & Soil Science

Research Interests: Interrelationship of fall planted triticale forage nutrient values with minimal water use in residual nitrogen and phosphorus regimes. Variation and selection for decreased infestations accessed through lateral ruptures of wheat caryopsis pericarp and aleurone tissue. Selection of wheats tolerant to standing water due to rain storm events which create ponding in the northern prairies. Evaluation of western regional hard and soft winter wheat entries. Evaluation of western winter and spring wheat stripe rust nurseries. High Elevation nursery near Flora, Oregon for evaluation and selection for dwarf bunt, stem rust, late season stripe rust, snowmolds, cephalosporum stripe, and frost heaving.


B.S. - 1967 - Botany, Oregon State University

Hometown: Laramore, North Dakota                                                                                                                                                            

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