Bruce Sorte

Extension Community Economist, Rural Studies Program - Eastern Oregon

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Agricultural and Resource Economics Department

Bruce helps local communities increase their economic resilience with programs focusing on business retention and how individual businesses can compete with larger retailers. Economic impacts of policy options for state and local government agencies and organizations in Eastern Oregon.


M.S. - 2002 - Interdisciplinary Studies in Agricultural & Resource Economics, Economics, and Political Science, Oregon State University

Graduate Study Economics - Portland State University

Graduate Study Economics - University of Montana

B.S. Economics - 1973 - Oregon State University

Honors, Awards, and Certifications:

  • 2010 Alberta Johnson Award for Extension Education (Annual for Outstanding Contributions)
  • 2010 Outreach and Engagement Vice Provost Award for Excellence in Strategic Impact (Annual – First Recipient)
  • 2002 Jim Oldfield Team Award – Klamath Project (Annual)
  • Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi
  • Towns Under 50,000 1999 National Award for Corvallis Vision 2020


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