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Guide to Success

OSU Graduate Catalog
It is the student's responsibility to refer to the catalog for information regarding official OSU graduate education policy and procedures.

Graduate Student Status
Graduate students may be admitted as regular, conditional, provisional, or non-degree students. Follow the above link for complete definitions.

Master's and Doctoral Degree Progress Flow Charts
- Master's Degree Flow Chart
- Ph.D. Flow Chart

Registration Requirements
Official registration requirements and policy regarding part-time and full time students can be found in the catalog.

Many of the Graduate School forms are available on the Graduate School Web Site in Word or Adobe PDF formsts. Some can be submitted via the Web.

Important deadlines for scheduling meetings and exams, completing degree requirements and participating in commencement.

Graduate Assessment Plans
Each graduate program assesses its students' progress to determine whether students are achieving graduate program learning objectives and whether strategies used to assist students in reaching their learning outcomes should be modified.

Committee Composition
A committee of Graduate Faculty members is established to guide your course work and research. It also serves as the final examining committee. Your major professor chairs committee meetings.

Procedures for Examinations and Formal Meetings
Information and deadlines for scheduling your formal meetings (i.e. program of study meetings, oral preliminary examinations and final examinations) with the Graduate School.

Final Examinations
All degrees require a final examination, which must be scheduled with the Graduate School. You must have completed all course work before this exam is taken.

Preparing to Complete Your Degree
Information on removing incomplete grades, making changes to your Program of Study, GPA requirements and other possible deficiencies.

Thesis Guide
Information on proper formatting of your thesis, electronic submission, and what must be submitted to the Graduate School prior to taking your final exam.

Guidelines for Dual Major Master's degrees
Some degrees allow dual majors. Please refer here for guidelines and requirements.

Guidelines for Dual Major PhD degrees
The PhD also provides for dual majors. Please refer here for guidelines and requirements for that degree.

After You Have Finished...
Information about the Exit Survey, Degree Certification, and Commencement.