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Thurgood Marshall Graduate Scholarship

The Graduate School is pleased to announce its call for nominations for the 2013-14 Thurgood Marshall Graduate Scholarship honoring the first black American to serve as an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States. This one-year award provides a stipend of $4,000 plus graduate tuition remission through our Targeted Graduate Tuition Scholarship program for the 2013-14 academic year.

OSU's eligibility requirements align closely with the intent of the national Thurgood Marshall Scholarship Program and acknowledge Marshall's life-long commitment to justice, equality, and education. The recipient will be determined by the Dean of the Graduate School.

Nomination Process

Departments and programs may submit only one nomination and must provide complete nomination packets containing all materials listed below (including transcripts). Incomplete nominations will not be reviewed.

Please submit the following materials as one (1) PDF document using the following file name convention to: (TBD)


  1. a nominating letter from the department chair or head or graduate program director;
  2. two additional letters of recommendation. Letters submitted for admission purposes may be utilized for nomination of incoming students;
  3. the student's résumé or curriculum vita;
  4. the student's statement of academic goals;
  5. the student's statement of philosophy describing her or his demonstrated commitment to community, diversity and education;
  6. transcripts of all post-high school academic work (note: must be supplied by nominating department/program.)

Nomination Evaluation

New or continuing full-time graduate students will be considered against a 100-point scale. Evaluation of nominees will be based upon the following fellowship criteria:

  • US citizen or permanent resident (5 points);
  • first generation to attend a University (5 points);
  • documented financial need (based upon FAFSA application process) with consideration of low income status (5 points);
  • meritorious academic achievement as reflected in grade point average & GRE or other test scores (20 points);
  • publications & presentations (10 points);
  • other professional activity (10 points);
  • demonstrated community service (15 points);
  • demonstrated leadership (15 points);
  • demonstrated involvement in diverse communities (15 points).
  • Nomination Deadline

    Nominations must be received in the Graduate School by February 18, 2013, 5pm. The recipient will be announced by March 8, 2013.