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Fellowships and Scholarships

Fellowships and scholarships are an important source of funding designed to help graduate students meet their educational and research expenses. Some fellowships are awarded institutionally by the Graduate School or by academic college and department committees, while others are awarded by external agencies such as the National Science Foundation and the Social Sciences Research Council. Your academic department is your primary resource for information about funding opportunities, both internal and external.

In addition to the possibility of getting funded, the fellowship application process itself can be an important experience in your academic and professional development. It will help you learn to articulate "your case" in a convincing way, including presenting your credentials, goals for study and research, and letters of recommendation. Fellowship application can also serve as a personal progress check for your graduate career, helping you identify areas that should be enhanced or developed.

Fellowship Programs Administered by the Graduate School

The Graduate School administers several centralized graduate scholarship and fellowship programs. These programs require nomination by your academic program. Follow this link to find full descriptions, eligibility requirements, and deadlines for fellowship programs administered by the Graduate School.

College-Based OSU Fellowships

Over 170 departmental and academic college-based fellowship and scholarship programs sponsored by industry, foundations, and government agencies are available to graduate students at Oregon State University! Search here for an OSU fellowship that fits your academic goals.

E-campus Student Need-based Grants

Other On Campus Fellowships

Please refer to these pages for more information about on campus fellowships.

External Fellowships

These pages represent a large collection of national fellowships and scholarships where students may apply directly to the granting organization or agency. Also included: a worksheet to organize information about prospective funders and links to web resources and scholarship search engines.

Strategies for Finding External Funding

Grant Writing Resources