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Graduate School.


Graduate fellowship sponsors, both internal and external to OSU, typically require their recipients to devote full time effort toward pursuit of the advanced degree. Many sponsors prohibit concurrent acceptance of other major fellowships and restrict employment that may delay and/or jeopardize timely degree progress and generate substantial income.

Most sponsors permit graduate fellows to secure additional resources to offset degree-related research expenses, such as travel support, field, and/or laboratory costs to the extent such supplementation is permitted by the fellow's home institution.

Currently at Oregon State University, supplementation is not restricted. Thus, determination of the appropriateness of supplementation will be guided by the graduate fellowship sponsor's unique guidelines. It is the graduate fellow's responsibility to understand and adhere to the terms of his or her fellowship.

While degree-related activities might include a reasonable amount of teaching as part of the education and training experience for advanced degree students, engagement in teaching typically is limited to furtherance of degree objectives, not service to the institution. Therefore, concurrent appointment as a graduate assistant and a graduate fellow is expected to be rare.

In the irregular circumstance that a graduate fellow is appointed simultaneously as a graduate assistant, the graduate assistantship will serve as the primary OSU appointment for the student, with tuition remission and health insurance subsidy expenses assumed by the assistantship.