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302: Tagging

Property Management Policy & Procedure Manual
Section 300: Equipment Management
Effective: 03/01/1979
Revised: 05/22/2006


To properly identify and track OSU equipment via a bar code inventory tag .


Equipment Tagging
All equipment on the OSU inventory must be tagged with an OSU bar-code inventory tag, which is furnished by Property Management. Equipment acquired for sponsored research may also require an asset tag from the sponsoring organization (See PRO 902-02: Federal Property Requirements in Section 9). At the time the tag is attached, all information on the inventory record should be verified against the actual equipment and updated as needed.  Clear laminated covers should be used to protect tags that will be exposed to the elements or to harsh environments; contact Property Management at 541-737-7350 for details.

Historic Properties
Assets included on the Historic Properties register should have a tag from the Historic Properties Commission.  This tag begins with an "H" and should not be removed under any circumstances.

Tag Locations
Tags should be placed where they can easily be seen and scanned, but where they will not interfere with the use of the equipment or be hidden when the equipment is used.

Replacement Inventory Tags
When inventory tags are lost, damaged or poorly located, replacement inventory tags should be obtained from Property Management.  They are printed in-house, so response time is usually 48 hours.  Please e-mail (Kim.Rowe@oregonstate.edu),  fax (541-737-2170), or campus mail a list of the tags needed to be replaced to Property Management.  New tags will be attached to the request and returned via campus mail or US mail.

Tagging Non-Capital Equipment
Property Management does not identify or tag equipment with an acquisition cost of less than $5,000.  If a department has an interest in identifying, tagging, and tracking equipment costing less than $5,000, Property management can supply "Property of OSU" identification labels to the department.

STOP (Security Tracking of Office Property) Tags
Departments may tag equipment with STOP Tags to protect OSU's property interests and help prevent theft of equipment. 

Untaggable Items
Use the term "untaggable" to describe items that cannot be tagged because they are too small, delicately calibrated, or they are used in harsh environments that would immediately destroy a tag.  The word "untaggable" and a brief explanation should be added to the asset record text of the item.  Departments should keep the tags in a notebook with information about the equipment to which they refer (description, serial number, etc.).   When the inventory is conducted, the equipment is located and identified from the information contained in the notebook, and then the tag is scanned.

Marking Equipment
When an item is untaggable, or can be tagged but has no serial number, permanently mark the OSU inventory number on it using an engraver or indelible marker.  An engraver is available for loan from the Oregon State Police / Department of Public Safety.


Tagging Equipment

Responsible Party Action
Department  Place tags on equipment promptly upon receipt in a location that is visible and scannable.

Tag Locations

Responsible Party Action

Tag items consistently in accordance with the following guidelines:

  • General location: on the front, near the upper left corner
  • Machinery, instruments and vehicles: near the equipment manufacturer's nameplate, overlaminated as needed with clear protective label available from Property Management
  • Cylindrical items: tag should go up and down the length of the cylinder, not wrapped around it
  • Small items and movable internal components: see Untaggable Items section herein, or contact Property Management for assistance.

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