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504-05: BOLI Procurements

Procurement and Contract Services Policy & Procedures Manual
Section 500: Construction
Effective: 7/01/2010
Revised: 3/19/2013


PaCS has established a procurement method for certain construction related procurements in order to comply with ORS 279C.800 through 279C.870 pertaining to the Bureau of Labor and Industries (BOLI) Prevailing Wage Rate (PWR) requirements.  All applicable BOLI procurements must be issued from PaCS, regardless of dollar value.  Departments and Business Centers have $0 in delegated purchasing authority for BOLI PWR projects.

BOLI prevailing wage rates apply on construction-related projects over $50,000 or on construction-related projects where $50,000 or more of labor and materials was provided within the same building (or site, in the case of the Agriculture Experiment Stations) within a 12-month window and the solicitation of all such services shall be processed through PaCS, regardless of dollar value. 

Purchase Orders may be utilized for those BOLI procurements that are:

  • generally valued at or under $25,000 or in some cases in excess of $25,000 where the procurement is mainly for equipment with minimal construction-related services for installation of the procured equipment. For those purchases exceeding $25,000, PaCS will review and determine the appropriate method of procurement
  • do not require or have obtained design or design related services
  • have no retainer contracts available for utilization 


A fully completed and signed requisition (see PaCS 302), must be submitted to PaCS.  If the department has obtained 3 quotes, copies of the quotes must be included with the requisition submittal.  If the purchase is valued at $25,000 or less or being purchased off of an OSU contract or Price Agreement (See PaCS 315-002) PaCS will proceed with obtaining a final quote from the contractor utilizing the necessary BOLI solicitation and contractual language.  If no quotes are included and/or the purchase estimate exceeds $25,000, the PaCS analyst will issue the appropriate solicitation allowed under the OARs.  If the procurement is a sole source procurement in accordance with PaCS 314 then a Sole Source Justification form must be completed and submitted with the requisition. 

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