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602: Vehicle Insurance

Motor Pool Policy & Procedure Manual
Section 600: Accidents & Damage
Effective: 02/01/1982
Revised: 07/01/2006



To explain the vehicle insurance coverage for motor pool vehicles.


All departments and individuals who use Motor Pool vehicles.


OSU participates in the State of Oregon Insurance Fund (SOIF) for Motor Pool vehicles.  This insurance coverage is provided by the State of Oregon Department of Administrative Services (DAS) and administered by DAS Risk Management Division.  Physical damage and liability are both covered for Motor Pool vehicles.


Authorized drivers of Motor Pool vehicles and authorized passengers are covered by the State of Oregon Insurance Fund (SOIF) when conducting official Oregon State University/State of Oregon business in good faith within the scope and course of employment or duties.

When an authorized driver of a Motor Pool vehicle is at fault, the SOIF will cover damages to property or injuries sustained in the accident.  All departments are responsible for the deductible and may be charged up to the $2,500.00 deductible maximum.

Day Use Only of Motor Pool Vehicles

Diversions from official university business that serve a personal purpose are prohibited and not covered by SOIF.  However, a driver that is using a motor pool vehicle for official university business that coincides with a personal purpose (e.g. stopping for a meal en route) will be covered.

Overnight & Fulltime Use Only of Motor Pool Vehicles

Official University/ State business shall include using Motor Pool vehicles to obtain daily necessities (e.g. Restaurants, stores, grooming, laundry, medical, etc.) which is covered by SOIF.

Personal Liability

When a Motor Pool vehicle is used contrary to Oregon Revised Statues (ORSs) or Oregon Administrative Rules (OARs), the driver and vehicle shall not be covered by the State of Oregon Insurance Fund.  The driver shall be personally liable for any damage to the Motor Pool vehicle and harm to any other parties and property.  

Vehicles used contrary to ORSs, OARs and OSU policies means the driver is acting outside the definition of official university business, is not an authorized driver, and is acting outside the course and scope of his or her employment or duties.  Using Motor Pool vehicles for prohibited uses (e.g. carrying prohibited passengers or materials), and allowing an unauthorized person to drive will be outside the scope and course of employment or duties and not covered by the SOIF.

Cross Reference

Oregon Revised Statute 278Insurance for Public Bodies

Oregon Administrative Rules 125-155-0000 – 125-155-0900State Vehicle Use and Access

MPL 201 Authorized Drivers & Passengers

MPL 501 Vehicle Use

Additional Information

The Oregon Tort Claims Act, ORS 30.270, limits the amount of liability to $100,000 for bodily injury, $50,000 for property damage, and a $500,000 combined total for a single occurrence.

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