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505: Roadside Emergencies/Repairs

Motor Pool Policy & Procedure Manual
Section 500: Using a Vehicle
Effective: 02/01/1982
Revised: 07/01/2006



To prepare operators of Motor Pool vehicles for emergency situations that arise while on the road.  


All departments and individuals involved in the renting and using of Motor Pool vehicles.


If a Motor Pool vehicle breaks down, the driver will contact the Motor Pool (541-737-4141).  If the vehicle cannot be operated safely, the Motor Pool will arrange for the repair and/or removal of the vehicle.  If the Motor Pool vehicle can be legally and safety driven, take it directly to the OSU Motor Pool.

If the vehicle cannot be operated and Motor Pool personnel are not available, contact the Public Safety Office at 1-866-253-5671.  This phone number is also listed on the front of the dispatch book in the vehicle.

Manual ContactMotor Pool web site | (541) 737-7086

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