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302: Extended Use Vehicles

Motor Pool Policy & Procedure Manual
Section 300: Available Vehicles
Effective: 02/01/1982
Revised: 07/01/2006



To ensure the proper maintenance of extended use vehicles.  


All departments and personnel who use Motor Pool vehicles.  


Extended Use Vehicles

Motor Pool vehicles that are needed for extended use of one month or more.


Reserving an Extended Use Motor Pool Vehicle

Extended Use Vehicles need to be reserved in writing through the Motor Pool website or by fax at 541-737-7093.

Servicing an Extended Use Vehicle

Departments need to call the Motor Pool Service department at 541-737-4142 to make arrangements to have their Motor Pool vehicle on extended use assignments serviced.

If an extended use Motor Pool vehicle needs any kind of maintenance service while in use, the department or driver needs to obtain authorization for the service by calling the Motor Pool toll free number 1-866- 253-567.  (This number is also located on the front of the dispatch book.) Unauthorized charges for repairs will be billed to the individual or department.

Cross Reference

Oregon Administrative Rule 576-030-0030 Permits and Parking Areas

Manual ContactMotor Pool web site | (541) 737-7086

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