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102-02: Award Approval & Set Up

Grant, Contract & Gift Accounting Manual
Section 100: General Administration of Award
Revised: 4/23/2012


To identify the process for award approval & set up.



All employees.



If an award is received by an individual or an office other than Sponsored Programs,  it should immediately be forwarded  to the Office of Sponsored Programs for proper review, negotiation and acceptance on behalf of Oregon State University.  No other OSU personnel have the authority to approve or sign any agreement committing OSU facilities or staff for sponsored activities.  See GCG 101: Signature Authority- Proposals, Contracts, Financial Reporting.

Responsible Party Action

Project Directors, Faculty, Deans, Department Heads and Principal Investigators

  • Upon receipt, send award directly to the Office of Sponsored Programs(312 Kerr Administration Building) for review, negotiation and approval.

Office of Sponsored Programs

  • Receives the award document.
  • Matches the awarding document with the proposal.  If no proposal is found, the Office of Sponsored Programs will contact the PI to obtain the proposal.
  • Reviews awarding documents and negotiates final document with agency if necessary.  (Award documents are reviewed for compliance with state laws if there is an approved proposal. Office of Sponsored Programs may negotiate with the agency on specific contractual clauses to bring the document into compliance with state laws.)
  • If required, routes the award to the General Counsel for legal sufficiency review.  Approves and signs the award, officially as the “State of Oregon acting by and through the State Board of Higher Education on behalf of Oregon State University.”
  • Sends the fully executed document to the awarding sponsor, when a return copy is required.
  • Notifies the Business Center and PI (via email) that the award is signed.
  • Sends the fully signed award and proposal to the Office of Post Award Administration for financial set-up and administration of the sponsored funds.
  • If a Subaward is needed, the Office of Sponsored Programs writes the agreement.
    • Obtains from the department/PI the necessary information to write the subaward.
    • Assigns a number to the subaward that identifies it with the prime contract/fund number.
    • Prepares the subaward, sends it to General Counsel for review if needed, and then sends it to the subrecipient for signatures. 
    • Forwards the original signed subaward to the Office of Post Award Administration.

Business Affairs (Office of Post Award Administration)

  • Reviews the award for proper coding that will be input into FIS Banner and establishes an accounting grant, fund, and index.
  • Enters the award data and budget into FIS Banner.
  • Manages restricted funds, invoices sponsors, and receives sponsor payments.
  • Notifies the PI and Business Center accounting staff of the index number and award requirements.
  • Files an electronic copy of the award along with the Award Information Sheet and notifies the Business Center.
Business Center Accountant
  • Reviews sponsored agreement for terms and conditions and communicate those terms and conditions to the PI.

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