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Ex003-12: External Funding Approval Matrix

Fiscal Operations Manual
Section 000: Introductory Material - Exhibits
Effective: 07/01/2007

Type of Revenue: OSU external funding sources (non-state legislative) Academic Year Fee Book Catalog, Schedule of Classes External Fee Book Individual Grant/Contract proposal, review Rental Agreement review Other review N/A
Student Tuition & staff rates X X          
Student Incidental Fees X X          
Study Resource Fees X X          
Class/lab fees   X          
Application Fee for Admission   X          
Matriculation Fee X X          
Advance Tuition Deposit   X          
Other student-related fees   X          
Residence Hall Room - students X            
Meal plans - students X            
Interest on overdue accounts X            
Library fines   X X        
New Student ID card fee   X          
Microfilming Doctoral Thesis   X          
International Prog service fee? Student?   X          
Individual research project cost       X      
Individual OSA cost & consulting services       X      
IPA's, editorships           X  
Payment for support service provided to non-OSU personnel           X  
Payment for support service provided to non-OSU space/building           X  
Unrestricted or restricted gift             X
Testing & Analytical services     X        
Parking permits & fines     X        
Fines for violation of campus regs     X        
Catering services     X        
Housing/meal plans - conferences     X        
Facilities use (Auxiliaries only)     X        
Instruction fees for self-support credit courses (Ecampus) X            
Lease/rental of OSU-owned space/bldg         X    
Sponsorship of OSU activity (i.e. conferences, symposiums, lectures)           X  
Conference/workshop registrations             X
Publication sales             X
Event ticket sales             X
Sales of residual research products             X

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