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007-07: Animals on campus

Campus Facilities and Grounds
Section 007: Campus Facilities and Grounds Policies and Procedures
Effective: 04/20/2010


a.   The following policies apply to dogs and animal pets on campus:

  1. Dogs and other pets on campus must be on a leash not exceeding six feet, and under competent control
  2. Dogs and other pets may not be tethered unattended on campus
  3. Dogs and other pets are not allowed within any campus building
  4. Exceptions:
    1. Animals for approved research purposes
    2. Animals delivered for observation by Veterinary Clinic personnel
    3. Guide or companion-dogs accompanying disabled persons
  5.  Violators will be cited and animals will be impounded according to provisions of Corvallis Municipal Ordinance No. 50.63.

b.   For more information see Animal Handlers Policy under General University Policies, see http://oregonstate.edu/dept/budgets/SAFManual/SAF212.htm in the OSU Administrative Policies and Procedures Manual.

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