411-06 Miscellaneous

Fiscal Operations Manual
Section 411: Travel
Effective: 02/01/1982
Revised: 01/10/2013

Miscellaneous expenses must be itemized on the OSU Travel Reimbursement Request (TRES) form as “Other Expenses”.  Commercial ground transportation requires receipts if over $75.00 per item; all other miscellaneous travel expenses require receipts if over $25.00.  Miscellaneous reimbursable travel expenses may include:

  • Telephone.  Business calls must include purpose of call.  A personal call home on the first day of travel and alternating days thereafter may be reimbursed with limits of up to five minutes or $5.00 (whichever is less). 
  • Fax
  • Internet
  • Postage – indicate what was mailed and business purpose
  •  ATM Cash Advance fees
  • Materials and supplies purchased to meet an immediate business need (receipt required)
  • Reference materials (receipt required)
  • Parking
  • Tolls
  • Lodging taxes (domestic)
  • Energy surcharge
  • Fuel for rental car
  • Charges for airline baggage fees in excess of two checked bags should include an explanation of the necessity for the excess baggage.”

Gratuities -Tips paid by OSU employees for services received while on travel assignments are personal expenses and cannot be reimbursed.  An exception is made for reimbursement of group travel actual meal expenses.  In such cases, a gratuity of up to 15% of the meal expense may be reimbursed when supported by a receipt.

The M&IE per diem includes costs which are incidental to travel – laundry, cleaning/pressing of clothing, and fees or gratuities for services such as waiters, bell hops, and baggage handlers. These types of expenses cannot be listed or reimbursed separately.

Travelers in a unit may be subject to the unit’s travel policy that is more restrictive than the standards expressed in this policy.  A travel policy more restrictive than the OSU policy requires review by the appropriate Business Center and prior approval by the Vice President for Finance and Administration via the Director of Business Affairs.  It also must apply to all travelers within the unit.