Ex5: Property Disposition Request Form (PDR)

Property Management Policy & Procedure Manual
Section 000: Introductory Material
Effective: 07/01/1975
Revised: 10/02/2014

The PDR form is used to remove assets from inventory.  Property Management will complete a PDR for any asset disposed of through the Surplus Property program.  Property Management will also prepare PDRs for assets released by Contract sponsors that do not meet OSU’s capital threshold.  For other types of disposal; departments should complete this form, attach any necessary documentation, and forward to Property Management.  See PRO 800: Equipment Disposal for additional information on the disposal of OSU equipment.

  • Type of Request: Check appropriate box.
  • Department: Type department’s name.
  • Agency No.: Type “580-300.”
  • Unit or Division: Type “Oregon State University.”
  • Date: Type the month, day and year the disposition is being initiated.
  • Prop. Tag #: Leave blank.
  • Inventory Number: Type the asset number.
  • Quantity and Unit: Usually “1 Each.”
  • Description, Location . . etc.: Type the following information from the asset record: Description, Manufacturer, Model, Serial number, Responsible Org number, Title-to code, How Acquired code, present location, and current condition code.
  • Year Acquired: Type the year from the “Received Date” field of the asset record.
  • Estimated or Inventory Value: Type the “Total Net Book Value” from the asset record. This is the depreciated value.
  • Resale Price: For trade-ins enter the value of the credit offered by the vendor.
  • We certify that the above is correct...: Explain the disposition of the asset.
  1. Trade-In: include the vendor name, purchase order number if available, amount of trade-in credit, and a brief description of the new item being purchased.
  2. Lost or stolen property: explain the circumstances of the loss and include the police case number, if any.  Attach a copy of the State Self Insurance Claim Report form (pdf).
  3. Return to owner: include information on who the property has been returned to.  Attach a copy of the written instructions if property is returned to a third-party.
  4. Transfer to another state agency: include specific information on the person and agency receiving the equipment, including address, telephone number and contact information.
  5. Cannibalization: include information on the circumstances – was the unit non-functional?
  • Signature of Accountable Person: Signature of the responsible person from the asset record, or signature of the departmental inventory coordinator.
  • Date: Date signed by Accountable Person.
  • Phone No: Accountable Person’s phone number.
  • Signature of Department Head: Signature of the department head or designee.  Must be someone other than the person who signs as the "Accountable Person".  NOTE: OUS requires the signatures of two different signers (people) to sign the PDR
  • Date: Enter the Date when Department Head signed the document.

Note:   Do not type or write in the lower one-third of the form below the two signature blocks.  Numbered Sections 1 - 4 are completed by Property Management.

(Download PDF Form)