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Understanding Positions and Suffixes

Position numbers

Position numbers are unique to specific employee types:

Positions numbers
begin with:
Position is for: E-Classes:
C1 Unclassified - faculty. Begin with U
C2 Unclassified - academic wage Begin with U
C3 Classified Begin with C or G
C4 Temporary Staff E-Class TS
C5 Student Employees E-Class XA
C6 Graduate Employees E-Class XB


All position numbers have suffix of 00 for their base record. Each set of position numbers can also have sub-sets identified by suffixes. For example, a professor may have a position number beginning with C1 and a suffix of 00 for their regular salary, but they may also be acting as department head, and receive a stipend for that. The salary would be paid on the C1xxxx position with a suffix of "00". The stipend would be paid on the same position number, but with a suffix of "77"

For purposes of paperwork, rate changes, job changes, etc. the two suffixes act as two unique positions. If you do paperwork to extend the "00" suffix, it does not automatically extend the "77" suffix.

Suffix Title Used for:
Unclassified Positions
11 Sabbatical When an employee goes on sabbatical, their C1xxxx position with the "00" suffix is put on leave, and the same position with a new suffix, "11" is set up to process the sabbatical pay.
77 Stipend When an employee is to be paid a stipend, it is paid using the same C1xxxx position number as their regular pay, but with a 77 suffix.
Classified Positions
33 Summer Hourly Pay Academic-year classified positions are put on leave-without-pay during the summer months. To facilitate pay for those who work sporadic hours during this time, the department can set up a "33" position.
Graduate Pay
00 Graduate Pay with Fee Remission - Academic Portion of Pay
05 Graduate Pay with Fee Remission - Service Portion of Pay
Student Pay
55 Student Salary For student positions when the position needs to be a monthly salaried position, not hourly.