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Paying Extra Hours to Part-Time Classified Employees

The OPEU contract specified that permanent part-time employees paid on a fixed partial monthly basis shall have all extra hours worked over the regular part-time schedule paid at the hourly rate. Employees paid on a fixed partial monthly basis who work less than the regular part-time schedule shall have time deducted at the hourly rate or prorated monthly rate, depending on how their pay is regularly computed.

To pay extra hours for part-time classified employee:

Steps Example: 50% appt, working hrs in month=168
1. Determine number of hours worked during the month For our example, we will say 92 hours
2. Determine number of days equal to appointment % 50% of 168 hours = 84 hours
3. Subtract #2 from #1 92 - 84 hours = 8 hours
4. This is the number of hours they worked over 50% 8 hours
5. The number of hours defaulted in PYAHOUR .50 * 173.33 hours = 86.67 hours
6. Add the extra hours worked to the default hours 86.67 hours + 8 hours = 94.67 hours

How the payroll staff calculates the amount to "doc" pay for leave-with-out-pay

Because an employee's monthly salary is based on 173.33 hours per month (the average number of hours in a month) and we work based on working days in the month, before leave-without-pay (LWOP) can be deducted, it must be converted to a 173.33 basis for salaried employees. Or, to express in another way, pay is reduced for the percent of the month missed.

The formula is: 173.33/working hours in month (# of hours of lowp) = # of hours to doc pay.

If an employee missed the whole month and there were 176 working hours in the month you would doc 173.33 hours or the whole month.

173.33/176 (176) = 173.33

If an employee missed 20 hours and there were 176 working hours in the month you would doc their pay 19.70 hours.

173.33/176 (20) = 19.70

If an employee has had a change in their pay rate for the current month, and we need to deduct LWOP for the prior month, we cannot use the DOC earn code as it will not allow a special rate. In these cases, we use a RAD earn code.