Dr. Chad Mueller

Dr. Chad Mueller


Office/Mailing Address:
Eastern Oregon University
One University Blvd.
Badgley Hall 205F
La Grande, OR 97850

Office Phone: 541-962-3789
   Fax: 541-962-3444

Email Address: chad.mueller@oregonstate.edu



OSU Agriculture Program @ EOU

Program Coordinator & Head Advisor

Beef Cattle Nutrition & Management 

Specialty: Beef Cattle Systems; Ruminant Nutrition & Management

EOANRP; Department of Animal and Rangeland Sciences

Teaching Program:

I approach teaching from a critical evaluation standpoint, while reiterating the overall goal or objective of the course.  I want students to appreciate the different avenues and viewpoints associated with the various topics, theories, and personal perspectives within a course.  I feel this allows the students to better grasp, or at least acknowledge, the complexities of biology, environment, management, and social sciences involved with agriculture.  I also believe the students learn and retain information better if I interact with them through informal class discussions, field visits and surveys, and hands-on laboratory exercises.  Therefore, my approach to teaching requires students to be actively engaged in all aspects to fully appreciate and comprehend the topic at hand.

Courses Taught:

In the OSU Agriculture Program at Eastern Oregon University

AG 199: Freshmen Orientation
ANS 311: Principles of Animal Nutrition
ANS 313: Applied Animal Nutrition
AG 421: Agriculture Leadership Development
ANS 443, ANS 444: Beef Production Systems: Stocker/Feedlot
ANS 515: Research Techniques in Ruminant Nutrition

Research Program: 

The Oregon beef cattle industry represents an estimated $633 million of the $4.71 billion annual agricultural receipts to the Oregon economy.  As a result I have developed a systems-based research program focusing on ‘birth-to-rail’ production management to improve sustainability of beef production in Oregon and the Pacific Northwest.  Specifically, my research program revolves around: 1) reducing the cost of available dietary energy, 2) evaluating how ‘value-added’ beef production impacts the production chain, and 3) evaluating how early-lifetime management of calves impact lifelong production of both terminal offspring and replacement breeding females.


Ph.D. - 2003 - Animal Science, South Dakota State University
M.S. - 1998 - Animal Science, South Dakota State University
B.S. - 1995 - Animal Science, Oklahoma State University

Hometown: Syracuse, NE

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