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Publication, 2012

Comparison of Postfire Soil Water Repellency Amelioration Strategies on Bluebunch Wheatgrass and...
Postfire Restoration of Soil Hydrology and Wildland Vegetation Using Surfactant Seed Coating...
Vegetation Response to Mowing Dense Mountain Big Sagebrush Stands
Agglomerating Seeds to Enhance Native Seedling Emergence and Growth
Bovine Acute-Phase Response After Different Doses of Corticotropin-Releasing Hormone Challenge
Effects of Energy Supplementation Frequency and Forage Quality on Performance, Reproductive, and...
Making Grazig Management a Priority in Invasive Annual Grass Infestations
Plasma Progesterone Concentration in Beef Heifers Receiving Glucose, Insulin, or Bovine...
Comparing Burned and Mowed Treatments in Mountain Big Sagebrush Steppe
Spatial Variability in Cost and Success of Revegetation in a Wyoming Big Sagebrush Community
Boyd, C. S. & Davies, K. W.
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