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Publication, 2016

Altering the time of vaccination against respiratory pathogens to enhance antibody response and performance of feeder cattle
Seed production and seedling fitness are uncouples from maternal plant productivity in three aridland bunchgrasses
Sage-grouse groceries: forb response to pinon-juniper treatments
Ecosystem water availability in juniper versus sagebrush snow-dominated rangelands
Application of ecological site information to transformative changes on great basin sagebrush rangelands

Report, 2015

Wyoming Big Sagebrush Associations of Eastern Oregon: Vegetation Attributes
A Framework for Ecologically-based Invasive Plant Management: John Day Fossil Beds National Monument

Publication, 2015

Altered Snowfall and Soil Disturbance Influence the Early Life State Transitions and Recruitment of a Native and Invasive Grass in a Cold Desert
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