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Publication, 2017

Established perennial vegetation provides high resistance to reinvasion by exotic annual grasses
Physiologic, health, and performance responses of beef steers supplemented with an immunomodulatory feed ingredient during feedlot receiving
Effects of organic complexed or inorganic Co, Cu, Mn and Zn supplementation during a 45-day preconditioning period on productive and health responses of feeder cattle
Impacts of Stocking Density on develpoment and puberty attainment of replacement beef heifers
Effects of supplementing calcium salts of polyunsaturated fatty acids to late-gestating beef cows on performance and physiological responses to the offspring

Article, 2017

Attempting to restore mountain big sagebrush (Artemisia tridentate ssp. Vaseyana) four years after the fire

Publication, 2016

Winter grazing decreases the probability of fire-induced mortality of bunchgrasses and may reduce wildfire size: a response to Smith et al. (this issue)
winter grazing
Effects of using winter grazing as a fuel treatment on Wyoming big sagebrush plant communities
Effects of intermediate-term grazing rest on sagebrush communities with depleted understories: evidence of a threshold
Pre-fire grazing by cattle increases post-fire resistance to exotic annual grass (Bromus tectorum) invasion and dominance for decades
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