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Publication, 2017

Using activated carbon to limit herbicide effects to seeded bunchgrass when revegetating annual grass-invaded rangelands
Impacts of feral horse use on herbaceous riparian vegetation within a sagebrush steppe ecosystem
Influence of soil color on seedbed microclimate and seedling demographics of a perennial bunchgrass
Plant community dynamics 25 years after juniper control
Effects of conifer treatments on soil nutrient availability and plant composition in sagebrush steppe
Data set on the effects of conifer control and slash burning on soil carbon, total N, organic matter and extractable micro-nutrients
Drought timing differentially affects above- and belowground productivity in a mesic grassland
Attempting to restore mountain big sagebrush (Artemisia tridentata ssp. vaseyana) four years after fire
Legacy microsite effect on survival of bitterbrush outplantings after prescribed fire: capitalizing on spatial variability to improve restoration
Established perennial vegetation provides high resistance to reinvasion by exotic annual grasses
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