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Technical paper, 1956

Seed- and plant-soil relations as affected by seedbed firmness on a sandy loam rangeland soil
Chemical control of sagebrush larkspur
Calvin, L. D.
The effect of carotene intake by Hereford cows on calf growth
calf growth, carotene
The carotene content of stored meadow hay in the Northern Great Basin
carotene, stored hay
The effect of time and height of cutting on the yield, crude protein content, and the vegetative...

Technical paper, 1955

Fertilization of mountain meadows in eastern Oregon
Sawyer, W. A.
A comparison of trucking and trailing beef cows and calves to and from summer range
Hubbert, F. E.
Soil firming may improve range seeding operations
firm soil, seeding
Sawyer, W. A.

Station Techincal Bulletin, 1955

Rate and efficiency of gains in beef cattle. 3. Factors affecting weight and effectiveness of...
Effect of form and rate of active ingredient, spraying season, solution volume, type of solvent on...
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