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Technical paper, 1966

Digestibility of chemically cured range forage
Investigations of an alternative method of measuring forage digestibility of ruminants
Ecological response of sagebrush-grass range in central Oregon to mechanical and chemical removal...
Control of big sagebrush associated with bitterbrush in Ponderosa pine

Station Bulletin, 1966

Performance of Hereford and Charolais x Hereford crossbred cattle in eastern Oregon
Kennick, W. H.

Special Report, 1966

1966 Progress Report--Research in beef cattle nutrition and management
Feeding and management of cattle with a limited feed supply
Sawyer, W. A.

Technical paper, 1965

Response of wet meadow vegetation to length and depth of surface water from wild-flood irrigation
Sawyer, W. A.
A comparison of in vitro techniques and their relation to in vivo values
Frequency of feeding and urea utilization by ruminants
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