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Station Bulletin, 1962

Forecasting range herbage production in eastern Oregon

Miscellaneous Paper, 1962

Research in beef cattle nutrition and management - A Progress Report

Technical paper, 1961

The influence of yeast in a high roughage wintering ration for Hereford calves as measured by...
Effect of time of weaning on winter performance of Hereford calves
The performance of weaner calves as influenced by low levels of alfalfa in the wintering ration
Evaluation of range and meadow forages at various stages of of maturity and levels of nitrogen...
Fertilizer-induced changes in botanical composition, yield and quality of native meadow hay
Wheel-track planting on sagebrush-bunchgrass range
Sawyer, W. A.
Utilization of chopped, wafered, and pelleted native meadow hay by weaned Hereford calves
Sawyer, W. A.

Report, 1961

Third Annual Beef Cattle Day - A summary of reports Protein requirements for supplements for...
Kennick, W. H.
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