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OUS/OSU Data Warehouse

Data Warehouse Installation Instructions

Software to access the OUS/OSU Data Warehouses is available for DCAs (Departmental Computing Administrators) to install on networks and individual workstations in their departments. All of the software is available free of charge to OUS/OSU departments.

The software to access the Data Warehouse consists of three major components.

  • The BI Query User application software
  • The Oracle connection software
  • The data model representation of data that the user sees and interacts with

The software and links to these installation instructions are available on the software distribution server located at \\\

Installation instructions for the default configuration of the software are available here. Automated installation packages are also available for almost every step of the process. If you prefer or need to walk through the installations manually, instructions are provided as well.

Windows XP Installation Instructions (.PDF format)
Install BI Query 9 & Sample Data Models Automated Manual
Migrate Existing Models
Install New Data Models
Automated Manual
Uninstall Oracle 9.2 (Optional) Automated Manual
Install and Test Oracle 10 Automated Manual
User Setup & Overview of BI Query 9
Troubleshooting Tips
Miscellaneous Instructions:
Manual Installation of Sample Data Models
Uninstall BI Query 9 and Oracle 10 Automated Manual


Windows 7/ Vista Installation Instructions (.PDF format)
Install BI Query 10 & Oracle 11 Automated Manual
BI 10 Troubleshooting Tips

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