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OSU Data Warehouse

Getting Started with the OSU Data Warehouse

Several steps must be taken to gain access to the OSU Data Warehouse models. Please follow the steps below to ensure an easy start to your use of the OSU Data Warehouse.

To begin using the OSU Data Warehouses

For the fastest access possible...

As soon as you know that you have a new person hired or transferring into your department:

  • Have them complete all Human Resources paperwork. This is especially important for new employees. They must have been set up in Banner by the Office of Human Resources before we can process the Request for Access form referred to above.

  • Fill out a Banner & Data Warehouse Request For Access form, marking it as a request for new account. Be sure to get the appropriate signatures and send it in as soon as possible. This can be done simultaneously with Human Resources paperwork. If necessary, we will hold the form until the person exists in Banner.
  • NOTE: If a person is transferring from another department where they have had Banner/DW access, their old account has to be terminated when we start processing the form for their new department. Be aware that it can take a few days to process the form and that they will not be able to access Banner or the DW during that time. On the form, please note what days it will be most convenient for both departments for the employee to be without access.

  • Have your new employee activate their ONID access right away so that they can register for the required Banner and Data Warehouse training. Unless they plan to check their ONID email regularly, they should also set up ONID's email forwarding to their main departmental email account.

  • Have your new employee register for Banner and Data Warehouse training as soon as possible. Most of the classes are typically offered once a month, but some are offered every second or third month. You can see descriptions of the classes on the Enterprise Computing Services Workshop page. Be sure to check the prerequisites carefully, and note which classes are actually tied to granting access. If your new employee has already had the classes in order to gain Banner/DW access in a previous department, they are not required to retake the classes. However, if they need a refresher, they are welcome to retake any class. To see when the classes will be offered or to register for the classes, go to the OSU Professional Development website.

If you have any questions about this process or special circumstances when your new hire arrives, please let us know and we will help if we can.

Password Tips

  • Your Banner password and your Data Warehouse password are synchronized. This means that when you change your Banner password, your Data Warehouse password is changed automatically to match the new Banner password.

  • If you unsuccessfully attempt to log into the Data Warehouse 10 times, then your Data Warehouse account is locked for one hour. If you don't remember your password, log into Employee Online Services and you can change your Banner password there without knowing your old password.

  • If you go for 365 days without logging into the data warehouse, your account will be locked automatically. Contact Carla Simonson or Patty Ross to coordinate unlocking your account while you log on right away.

  • If your Banner account is locked due to not logging in within the past 365 days, not changing your password every 100 days, or because your account is set to expire, your data warehouse access will follow suit. So keep your Banner account active too!

If you must access OSU's data warehouses from home, you will need to log in through a VPN to campus so that you can transmit data securely. You are responsible for taking precautions to ensure that any sensitive and/or confidential data is not released inappropriately. All usage and access policies apply.

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