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OSU Data Warehouse

Finance (FIS) Data Warehouse

OSU's Finance Information System (FIS) Data Warehouse contains data extracted from Banner FIS and reorganized a bit to enhance accessibility. It is designed primarily for ad hoc querying and unofficial reporting by accounting staff in the various departments at OSU. The data is organized on a fiscal year basis.

The FIS Data Warehouse contains the following general subject areas (since FY 96, except as noted):

  • General Ledger (balance sheet accounts)
  • Operating Ledger (revenue and expense accounts)
  • Transaction Ledger (invoices, journal vouchers, and cancelled checks since FY 00)
  • Payroll Ledger (payroll expenses by employee - RESTRICTED ACCESS)
  • Fixed Assets (info about the assets and their depreciation)
  • Encumbrances
  • Approval Queues

The data is refreshed nightly, except for the Payroll Ledger, which is refreshed a couple of times a month, whenever payroll expenses are posted.

Additional resources relating to the FIS Data Warehouse:

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