Central Oregon Agricultural Research Center Annual Reports

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Incidence, Resistance, and Evaluation of Chemical Controls for Bacterial Soft Rot in Carrot Stecklings
Layby Herbicide Treatments to Control Weeds During Row Closure in Sugar Beets Grown for Seed
Evaluation of Predator Mites for Control of Two-Spotted Spider Mites in Carrots Grown for Hybrid Seed in Central Oregon, 2015
Evaluation of Late-Season ManKocide Applications to Reduce Xanthomonas hortorum pv. carotae on Harvested Carrot Seed
Evaluation of N Fertilizer Rate and Timing on Wheat Yield
Pilot Balloon Observations, 2016, Jefferson County Smoke Management
smoke, smoke management
Tollefson, Carol
Evaluation of Ergot Resistance and Disease Escape in Kentucky Bluegrass Cultivars
Evaluation of Copper and Quaternary Ammonium to Control Bacterial Blight in Steckling-Planted Carrot Seed Crops
Evaluate Potential Crop Injury from Herbicides Applied the Final Year of Peppermint Production when Rotating to Kentucky Bluegrass Seed or Wheat
Electronic Mint Pest Alert Newsletter to Promote Optimal Application of Coragen® to Control Mint Root Borer, Cutworms, Armyworms and Loopers
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