Central Oregon Agricultural Research Center Annual Reports

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Timing Effect of ManKocide Application on Bacterial Blight on Carrot Seed, 2008
Evaluating Actigard® for Controlling Xanthomonas Blight in Carrot Seed Crops
Effects of Weather Conditions on Ergot in Kentucky Bluegrass in Central Oregon
Quantifying Ammonia Volatilization from Surface-Applied Fertilizers in Kentucky Bluegrass Grown for Seed, 2011
Evaluation of Palisade® on Fifteen Kentucky Bluegrass Varieties Grown for Seed under Non-Thermal Residue Management in Central Oregon, 2011
Studies on Epidemiology of Ergot in Kentucky Bluegrass
Herbicide Comparison for Row-Spraying in Kentucky Bluegrass
Jefferson County Smoke Management Pilot Balloon Observations, 2011
Evaluation of Ground Covers to Prevent Frost-Heaving to Carrot
Developing New Integrated Strategies for Controlling White Rot in Gar
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