Central Oregon Agricultural Research Center Annual Reports

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Effects of Weather Conditions on Ergot in Kentucky Bluegrass in Central Oregon
Quantifying Ammonia Volatilization from Surface-Applied Fertilizers in Kentucky Bluegrass Grown for Seed, 2011
Evaluation of Palisade® on Fifteen Kentucky Bluegrass Varieties Grown for Seed under Non-Thermal Residue Management in Central Oregon, 2011
Studies on Epidemiology of Ergot in Kentucky Bluegrass
Herbicide Comparison for Row-Spraying in Kentucky Bluegrass
Jefferson County Smoke Management Pilot Balloon Observations, 2011
Evaluation of Ground Covers to Prevent Frost-Heaving to Carrot
Developing New Integrated Strategies for Controlling White Rot in Gar
Developing Integrated Management Strategies for Powdery Scab on Potato Crops
Further Evaluation of Biological Control Agents for Verticillium Wilt in Peppermint
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