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Central Oregon Agricultural Research Center 2004 Annual Report

Incidence of Xanthomonas Capestris PV Carotae on seed carrots Irrigated by Drip or Sprinkler in Central Oregon
Further Investigation of Flooding as a Means of Allium White Rot Control
flooding, garlic, white rot
Evaluation of Herbicides for Control of Dalmatian Toadflax in Noncrop Areas of Central Oregon
Evaluation of Orthene for Control of Lygus and Effect on Predators in Parsley Seed Central Oregon
lygus, orthene, parsley seed
Using Juniper Wood Flour as a Carrier for seedpiece Treatments on Russet Norkotah Potatoes
Reducing Powdery Scab Infection on Potatoes with Seedpiece and Soil Treatments
James, Steven
Survey of Insect Pests in Kentucky Bluegrass Seed Production in Central Oregon, 2004
Evaluation of Herbicides for Control of Medusahead in Central Oregon Rangeland
Quality and Yield Comparison of Orchardgrass Varieties in Their Fourth Production Year
forage, orchard grass, yield
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